AC Power Adapter—Model ACDC2045-2070

This combination power adapter can accept input power from either 110 – 220 VAC or 12-32 VDC input power sources and it can be used connected to input sources of 47 – 440 Hz. Rugged adapter is designed for use in harsh operating environments encountered in many industrial and military applications.

  • Operation over a wide temperature range -20° — +55° F

DellInspiron 1000, Inspiron 1150, Inspiron 1420, Inspiron 1501, Inspiron 1520, Inspiron 1521, Inspiron 1525, Inspiron 1526, Inspiron 1720, Inspiron 1721, Inspiron 300m, Inspiron 400m, Inspiron 500m, Inspiron 6000, Inspiron 600m, Inspiron 630m, Inspiron 6400, Inspiron 640m, Inspiron 700m, Inspiron 710m, Inspiron 8500, Inspiron 8600, Inspiron 9200, Inspiron 9300, Inspiron 9400, Inspiron E1405, Latitude 100L, Latitude ATG D620, Latitude ATG D630, Latitude CS, Latitude D420, Latitude D520, Latitude D530, Latitude D620, Latitude D630, Latitude D800, Latitude D810, Latitude D820, Latitude D830, Latitude X300, Precision M20, Precision M2300, Precision M4300, Precision M60, Precision M70, Precision XPS M1530, Vostro 1000, Vostro 1220, Vostro 1310, Vostro 1400, Vostro 1500, Vostro 1510, Vostro 1520, Vostro 1700, Vostro 1710, Vostro 1720, Vostro 2510, Vostro A860, XPS M1330, XPS M1530

Technical information
Input Voltage:
110-220 VAC or 12-32 VDC
Output Voltage:
20 VDC
Output Current:
4.5 amps (max)
10 amps - auto cable
5.25 x 2.625 x 2.625 in
31.5 ounces
1 year
CBLOP-F90610: Bondi Connector, Non-fused, 41-inch Cable Length, 20 AWG, RoHS Compliant
CBLBA-F00100: Molded Mating Military Cable, 36-inch Cable Length, 18 AWG, RoHS Compliant
CBLHV-F00011: NATO Slave Connector to MP205 Connector, 72-inch Cable Length, 18 AWG, RoHS Compliant
CBLIP-F00229: Cigarette Connector to MP205 Connector, Non-fused, 72-inch Cable Length, 18 AWG, RoHS Compliant
CBLIP-F1050A: NEMA 5-15P Connector to IEC 60320/C13 Connector, 15A Fuse, 72-inch Cable Length, 18 AWG, RoHS Compliant