Auto Power Adapter—Model DE2045-1320

The Lind DE2045-1320 DC/DC Power Adapter is designed to power your Dell-compatible laptop computer and to charge its internal battery from an 11-16 volt DC power source. The adapter supplies current and voltage levels as required by the laptop.

  • Low Input Voltage Disconnect
  • High Input Voltage Disconnect
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • Output Overcurrent Protection
  • Internal Over Temperature Protection

Lind Electronics, Inc. reserves the right to limit or restrict the sale of its adapters to any party for reasons unspecified.


DellInspiron 1150, Inspiron 14z, Inspiron 15, Inspiron 15-7000, Inspiron 1520, Inspiron 1720, Inspiron 1721, Inspiron 5100, Inspiron 6400, Inspiron 8000, Inspiron 8500, Inspiron 8600, Inspiron 9200, Inspiron 9300, Inspiron 9400, Inspiron E1505, Inspiron E1705, Latitude 100L, Latitude ATG D620, Latitude ATG D630, Latitude D420, Latitude D520, Latitude D530, Latitude D610, Latitude D620, Latitude D630, Latitude D800, Latitude D810, Latitude D820, Latitude D830, Latitude E5400, Latitude E5500, Latitude E6400, Latitude E6410, Latitude E6420, Latitude E6430, Latitude E6500, Latitude E6510, Latitude X300, Latitude XFR D630, Precision M20, Precision M2300, Precision M2400, Precision M4300, Precision M60, Precision M65, Precision M70, Precision XPS M1530, Studio 14z, Studio 15, Studio 1530, Studio 1535, Studio 1537, Studio 1555, Studio 16, Studio 17, Studio 1730, Studio 1735, Studio M1530, Vostro 1310, Vostro 1500, Vostro 1510, Vostro 1520, Vostro 1700, Vostro 1710, Vostro 1720, Vostro 2510, XPS 13 Ultrabook, XPS M1530

Technical information
Input Voltage:
11 to 16 Vdc
Output Voltage:
20 Vdc
Output Current:
4.5 amps (max)
Automotive Input Cable Length:
18 Inches
Airline Input Cable Length:
Output Cable Length:
36 Inches
15 amps
5.0 x 3.0 x 1.15 in
12 ounces
3 years
CBLOP-F90610: Bondi Connector, Non-fused, 41-inch Cable Length, 20 AWG, RoHS Compliant
CBLIP-F00061: Cigarette Lighter Connector to MP205 Connector, Non-fused, 18-inch Cable Length, 18 AWG, RoHS Compliant

Optional Equipment:

ASMTL-00332: Mounting Bracket for Lind 90-watt Plastic DC/DC Power Adapters
CBLIP-F00051: Bare Wire Leads to MP205 Connector, Non-fused, 36-inch Cable Length, 18 AWG, RoHS Compliant