12-32 VDC Adapter—Model GD1950-2368

CAN BE USED WITH VEHICLES OR AIRCRAFT THAT HAVE 12 to 32VDC INPUT POWER AVAILABLE. The DC Laptop Power Adapter adjusts the output voltage to the correct operating voltage and amperage requirement for this series of laptops.

  • Adapters are housed in rugged ABS cases & epoxy encapsulated to resist shock and moisture.
  • – Output Short Circuit Shut Down. – Output Current Limit. – Input Noise Filter. – Internal Overtemperature Shut Down. – Low Input Voltage Shut Down. – High Input Voltage Shutdown. – Automatic Shut Down Reset.
  • CE
  • 3 Year warranty includes coverage of electronics, cables and connectors.

GeneralDynamics-ItronixGD6000, GD8000, GoBook II, GoBook III, GoBook VR-1, GoBook VR-2, GoBook XR-1

Technical information
Input Voltage:
12 - 32 Vdc 24 28 24VDC 28VDC
Output Voltage:
19 Vdc
Output Current:
5 amps (max)
1.7 x 4.7mm & 2.5 x 5.5mm
Automotive Input Cable Length:
72 Inches
Airline Input Cable Length:
Output Cable Length:
36 Inches
15 amps
5.0 x 2.4 x 1.25 in
13 ounces
1 year

Optional Equipment:

ASMTL-00332: Mounting Bracket for Lind 90-watt Aluminum DC/DC Power Adapters