300w Pure Sine Inverter—NATO Connector

The Lind INV2430US1P-1208 Pure Sine Wave Inverter converts power supplied from a 24 volt DC power source to AC power used for operating military AC-powered devices. This 300-watt inverter has two 110 volt AC outlets and comes with the NATO Slave Input Adapter.

  • 90% energy efficient under full load 95%; energy efficient under 1/3 load
  • Fan cooled
  • Low Battery Alarm at 21 Vdc (24 Vdc Input); low battery shutdown at 20Vdc (24 Vdc Input)
  • Regulation + or – 6%, Total Harmonic Distortion (max.): 4%
  • Alarm & Thermal Shutdown: 55º C

Lind Electronics, Inc. reserves the right to limit or restrict the sale of its inverters to any party for reasons unspecified.