22-32 VDC Adapter—Model MIL1580-3676

The DC Laptop Power Adapter adjusts the output voltage to the correct operating voltage and amperage requirement for this series of laptops. This adapter has been designed and built to meet electrical and environmental standards of MIL-STD461E, MIL-STD1275D, and MIL-STD810G.

  • Full continuous rated power output.
  • Output Short Circuit Shut Down – Output Current Limit – Input Noise Filter – Internal Overtemperature Shut Down – Low Input Voltage Shut Down – High Input Voltage Shut Down – Automatic Shut Down Reset
  • Adapters are housed in rugged Aluminum cases and epoxy encapsulated to resist shock and moisture.
  • Flanged ends for easy mount installation.
  • Can be powered via NATO Slave, BA5590, cigarette lighter connectors or customized.

PanasonicToughbook 19, Toughbook 31, Toughbook 52, Toughbook 53, Toughbook 54, Toughbook AX3, Toughbook C2, Toughbook D1, Toughbook F9, Toughbook H2, Toughbook LX3, Toughbook SX2, Toughbook U1, Toughpad B2, Toughpad E1, Toughpad G1, Toughpad M1, Toughpad X1

Technical information
Input Voltage:
22-32 VDC
Output Voltage:
16 VDC
Output Current:
8 amps (max)
2.5 x 5.5 mm
Input Cable Length:
72 inches
Output Cable Length:
72 inches
15 amps
9.2 x 3.0 x 1.2
32 ounces
1 year