Isolated Power Adapter—Model PA1540I-3486

The Lind PA1540I-3486 DC/DC Isolated Power Adapter provides a regulated DC output to power Panasonic-compatible Toughbooks from a DC voltage source. The adapter is housed in a rugged aluminum extrusion for durability and the internal components are epoxy sealed for shock, vibration and dust resistance.

Voltage spikes or surges occurring on the input voltage line will be filtered by the adapter eliminating potential damage to the powered device. Electrical isolation between input and output prevents ground loops and allows the output to be used as a negative voltage if required.

  • Low Input Voltage Disconnect
  • High Input Voltage Disconnect
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • Output Overcurrent Protection
  • Internal Over Temperature Protection

Lind Electronics, Inc. reserves the right to limit or restrict the sale of its adapters to any party for reasons unspecified.

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Technical information
Input Voltage:
11-16 Vdc
Output Voltage:
15 Vdc
Output Current:
4.0 amps (max)
Input Cable Length:
72 inches
Output Cable Length:
36 inches
1 year
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