Isolated Power Adapter—Model PA1555I-2286

This Lind DC/DC power adapter provides a regulated DC output to power laptops and peripherals from a DC voltage source. Electrical isolation between input and output prevents ground loops and allows the output to be used as a negative voltage if required. The rugged design of Lind laptop power adapters makes them ideally suited for use in harsh mobile environments. The adapter electronics are protected by a rugged aluminum housing which is filled and sealed with epoxy that protects the electronics from damage due to shock, vibration and spilled liquids.

  • Full continuous rated power output.
  • Sealed and potted in aluminum extrusions for the harshest operating environments.
  • Isolation voltage: 500 VDC input – output, 500 VDC input – chassis, 100 VDC output – chassis
  • Operating temperature: -40 — 40 degrees C (-40 — 104 degrees F)
  • Short circuit protection: Auto recovery

PanasonicToughbook 19, Toughbook AX3, Toughbook C2, Toughbook F9, Toughbook H2, Toughbook LX3, Toughbook SX2, Toughbook U1, Toughpad B2, Toughpad E1, Toughpad G1, Toughpad M1, Toughpad X1

Technical information
Input Voltage:
12 to 32 Vdc
Output Voltage:
15 Vdc
Output Current:
5.5 amps (max)
Automotive Input Cable Length:
72 inches
Airline Input Cable Length:
Output Cable Length:
75 inches
15 amps
5.0 x 2.4 x 1.25 in
31 ounces
1 year