Five-Bay Battery Charger—PACH518-1858

The Lind PACH518-1858 battery charger is designed for charging the battery pack for Panasonic Toughbooks. The charger uses the Panasonic laptop’s 120 Watt AC adapter as a power source or the charger can be powered from a Lind 120 Watt DC adapter. This charger charges Panasonic CF-VZSU30, CF-VZSU48, CF-VZSU50W batteries. Panasonic AC adapter #CF-AA5803AM is included with the charger.

The LIND battery charger is fully compatible with the Toughbook 19 mark1, mark2, mark3, mark5, mark6, and mark7.

The LIND battery charger is not compatible with the Toughbook 19 mark4.

The Power On and Charge Status indicators operate the same as when the battery pack is charged in the computer (when the power is off). The time it takes for the battery to fully charge depends on multiple variables, including: the state of charge when inserted; the age and condition of battery; and the specific battery size. Refer to the computer reference manual for additional information.

The Panasonic Toughbook battery is not included with the charger.

Lind Electronics, Inc. reserves the right to limit or restrict the sale of its battery chargers to any party for reasons unspecified.