COVID-19 Message

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April 9, 2021

Dear Valued Partners,

These past months challenged all of us in ways that seemed inconceivable a few short months ago. Even the most prepared organizations among us did not foresee the exacting toll a global pandemic would take on our day to day lives. It is imperative moving forward that we anticipate and safeguard against the effects of this crisis. Remaining open to new information and ideas, committing to best practices, and by working together we will get through this time.

Lind Electronics is a family owned business. We know firsthand how to take care for one other and as important, how to unite for a common cause. We are taking every effort to ensure the health and safety of our employees by implementing new protocols while we continue to meet the needs of our customers. In order to create a safer workspace in our facility, we’ve incorporated the following changes:

  1. Elimination of all business-related travel. Mandatory 10 day leave for all personal travel upon return.
  2. All non-essential operations employees required to work remotely from home.
  3. Additional cleaning and sanitizing of all shared work spaces and common areas multiple times per day.
  4. Increased distance between work stations and installation of partitions wherever possible.
  5. Implementation of a second shift to minimize contact and accommodate childcare needs.
  6. Facility closed to all visitors.

Several of our products are used by the United States Defense Department, public safety officers, and paramedics, therefore our products are part of the Critical Infrastructure Sector as defined by the Department of Homeland Security. As such, we are required to extend all efforts to maintain our normal work schedule and ensure continuous delivery and supply be available for all Emergency customers during the COVID-19 Crisis. We have received exemptions from any Stay-in-Place orders that may affect our ability to deliver these products and we also have requested that our suppliers do the same.

Fortunately, there have been minimal disruptions to our supply chain and hence our ability to deliver products. We will continue to do our best to meet the needs of our customers while prioritizing the safety of our employees. As this situation continues to evolve, please feel free to contact me directly or refer to our website for any updates.

Thank you all for your continued partnership. We will get through this together.

Dave Murphy