Auto Adapters — BB1280-1098


The Lind BB1280-1098 Battery Backup Module is designed to provide backup power in the event of power loss. The unit uses an external 12 VDC battery (not included) to maintain power to sensitive electronic loads when the 12-volt power source drops too low or is lost entirely (as may occur during vehicle starting).

– 11-16 VDC
– 12″ Input Cable
– MP205 12″ Output Cable
– Trickle charging keeps the battery backup charged, without overcharging LIVCO (Low Input Voltage Cut Off) circuitry protects the backup battery from being damaged due to over-discharge
– Can be used with Lind DC power adapters or other 12 VDC loads up to 8 Amps
– Housed in a rugged aluminum case
– Choice of jacks or terminal block connections

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Technical information
Input Voltage:
11-16 VDC
Output Voltage:
12 VDC
Output Current:
8 amps
Input 1 Connector 1:
.187 Fast-on Female Terminal
Input 1 Connector 2:
Output 1 Connector 1:
Output 1 Connector 2:
Input 1 Length:
12 Inches
Output 1 Length:
12 Inches
Jacked Fuse:
5.4" x 2.4" x 1.3"
0.8 lbs