Battery Chargers – Master Controller for Dell Rugged (DECHMC-5021)


Keep your Dell Latitude Rugged Batteries fully charged with the Lind Electronics Modular Multi Bay Charger. Charge up to 16 batteries per charger with interchangeable battery bays for the Dell Latitude Rugged line of notebook and tablet computers.

The Lind Electronics Modular Multi Bay Charger begins with the Master Controller (DECHMC-5021). This is powered by a single Dell compatible AC Power Adapter. NOTE: AC Adapter is NOT included.  We recommend a Dell AC Adapter for this charger. The wattage of the AC Adapter can range from 45 to 330 watts and will determine how many batteries are charged simultaneously. The higher the wattage of the AC Adapter, the higher the number of batteries being charged, lowering the overall charge time. The power adapter shipped with the Dell Latitude Rugged Notebook or Tablet may be used with the charging system. When charging four batteries or more, a 240 watt adapter is recommended for optimal charging times.

The charging bay for Dell Rugged 5420/5424/7424 is part number DECHCB-5022, and the charging bay for Dell Rugged 7202/7212/7220 is part number DECHCB-5023.

Please see the product manual for more technical information at this link: Lind Electronics Modular Multi Bay Charger – Product Manual

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Technical information
Input Voltage:
19.5 VDC
1.5 lbs