Shutdown Timer — SDT1220-046


The Lind SDT1220-046 Shutdown Timer is designed to protect your vehicle’s battery from over discharge. This Lind Ruggedized Shutdown Timer/Relay Driver turns off electrical loads after the vehicle’s ignition is shut off. Used as a Shutdown Timer, this unit alone can be used with loads up to 20A. As a Relay Driver/Shutdown Timer, it will drive relays up to 200 amps.

– 11-16 VDC
– Epoxy sealed electronics for under-the-hood installation
– Factory programmed – 10 Min. to 2 Hr. Delayed Shut Off
– Automatic low voltage shut off
– No adjustments and installation is easy
– Will drive 40, 80 150, 200 Amp external relays

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Technical information
Input Voltage:
11-16 VDC
Output Voltage:
12 VDC
Output Current:
20 amps
3.0" x 2.0" x 1.5"
0.5 lbs